Deciding What Furniture to Move Into Your New Home

Posted by Epcon Communities on Mar 16, 2022 2:34:00 PM
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Moving furniture

It is no secret that most of us have accumulated a lot of stuff by the time we enter our fifties or sixties. When it is time to move, whether for the purpose of downsizing, living closer to grandchildren, or other reasons, it can be difficult to know what items to move into a new home and what to throw away.

Furniture can be especially tricky to haul into a new house. Items like couches, dining tables, and bedroom sets are bulky, heavy, and not easily transported. Your beloved furniture may also not fit into the new floorplan or style of the home you’re moving into. Getting rid of things that have made your house a home for so long can be difficult but also necessary when making a change in your living situation. Here are some ways to decide what furniture to take with you and what to leave behind.


Deciding What to Take

When you have lived in a home for a long time, it’s natural to accumulate many things that fit the style and size of that home, including furniture. One of the first things to do when choosing what furniture to take with you is to determine which pieces will fit into your new home.

If you are able to, measure the doorways, hallways, and rooms of your new home before you move in. Then, measure your furniture. If there is anything that won’t fit through the doors or into the room where it belongs, don’t waste resources trying to move it! It may be best to sell or donate the items as you prepare to move.

Another way to decide if you should keep a piece of furniture is to determine the price of moving it. Ask yourself if the value of the furniture is worth the cost of getting it to your new home. If the answer is yes, then prep it to move. If not, it may be time to donate the piece (if it is still in decent shape). Even more well loved items can sometimes find grateful new owners in local Buy Nothing groups. Saying goodbye to cherished items can be difficult, but giving them to others who need them is one way to make it easier.


Preparing Your Furniture

Now that the difficult part of choosing what to keep is taken care of, it is time to protect your valuable furniture. Feel free to clean up the furniture before packing it. Then, use plastic bags, moving boxes, or even trash bags to pack items like cushions or throw pillows.

If necessary, disassemble furniture and pack it as carefully as possible. Be sure to properly label each part so you can easily reassemble it when you are unpacking in your new home. If you know you can fit the furniture into your new house as it is, use moving blankets or plastic to wrap the furniture tightly before loading into the truck to protect it from damage.


Reducing Clutter

Furniture is definitely not the only thing you will need to decide whether to keep or leave behind. There may be many things you have forgotten you owned or that have accumulated over the years that do not need to make the trip with you, for example, your kids’ kindergarten arts and crafts, old toys, and the random items that fill that pesky junk drawer.

Decluttering your home before a move not only makes moving it easier, but it can also help alleviate stress and enhance your peace of mind. The benefits of decluttering can also include a boost to your confidence and energy as you make quick decisions and solve problems.


This process can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Simply take it one step at a time. You could even combine decluttering and packing for your move! For example, just like when you spring clean, take it one room at a time. Make piles of things to keep, throw away, recycle, or donate. When you are done with the room, immediately pack the things you are taking with you and clear out the rest.

In an Epcon Community, all floorplans are single level and zero entry, which means you won’t have to move your cherished furniture up or down stairs, and even those with limited mobility will be able to easily navigate your home. Our personalized floorplans can also make it easier for you to find places for your most beloved items.

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