5 Ways to Know It's Time for a Change

Posted by Ashlynn Bauer on Oct 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM
Ashlynn Bauer

empty nestContrary to popular belief, getting older doesn’t mean getting set in our ways. Anyone, at any age, can make positive life changes. Each of us can benefit from stepping back and evaluating our lives in order to focus on where we want to go next. Here are some of the major changes that many of us experience as we move into our fifties and beyond.


Career Changes

Changing jobs after the age of 50 can be daunting, especially if you’ve spent the better part of your adult life dedicated to one career path or even to one company. However, don’t think of this as a complete personal reinvention. Instead, look at the job as more of an opportunity to transfer skills you’ve accumulated into a new opportunity.


Empty Nest

Raising children is exhausting and wonderful, and you’ve given your all to meet their needs and help them be them happy. When they leave to start the next chapter in their own lives, it’s up to you what to do in the empty and quiet house they left behind.



Perhaps you want to transition from full-time to part-time work to have more time for what you want to do, or maybe you plan to fully retire and finally take that trip to Europe you’ve been planning since your thirties. While leaving a career you’ve most likely committed yourself to for decades can be scary, it’s also the perfect catapult for change.


Loss of a Spouse

It’s unfathomable and, unfortunately, part of life. Becoming a widow or widower brings on a different sort of change, one where you need to relearn how to live without your spouse by finding new sources of joy in your life.



Even though “grandparent” is your new favorite title, it can also open your eyes to the things in your life that need to change. That knee pain you’ve been ignoring might keep you from getting on the floor to play, spurring you to finally go to the doctor, or maybe your desire to spend more time with the grandkids makes you think about moving closer to them.


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