5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Empty Nest

Posted by Llew Jenkins on Jul 6, 2020 11:50:07 AM
Llew Jenkins


Living in a newly empty nest can be difficult, but there are several tactics you can use to combat empty nest syndrome after your kids leave the house, making things easier for you and for them.

Here are a few ways to fall in love with your new normal. 


Make time for hobbies.

Was there something you enjoyed doing before you had children that you just didn’t have enough time to dedicate to after they were born? Whether it’s getting back into the kitchen to hone your culinary skills or turning a recently vacated bedroom into a home office, now is a great time to get back to the activities you truly enjoy that are just for you.


Learn a new skill.

This is also the perfect opportunity to discover new hobbies or cultivate different skills. Dedicate your free time to joining community groups or taking classes at a local college or online. Join a running or biking club to stay healthy and connect with other adults in your area who share your interests.


Reconnect with family and friends.

Raising children takes a lot of energy and most of your time. Between your own responsibilities and those of your children—school activities, extracurriculars, interests, etc.—it is common for parents to lose touch with friends and even some family.

Even though your children may have consumed your life for several years, remember that you are much more than a parent! Use this time to reach out to friends you haven’t heard from recently and ask them to go to dinner, get coffee, or even join you in one of your new hobbies.


Decorate your home the way you want.

Transitioning to an empty nest can be a sad time, but it’s also an opportunity to finally decorate your home and have space for you!Downsizing-Ebook

This is your time to purchase the new living room furniture you’ve been putting off because you knew the kids would wear it out. Also, don't be afraid to have that conversation with your grown children to come get some of their childhood toys, prom dresses, or spelling bee trophies!


Move to a new community.

Once the kids are gone, you may realize that your big, family-raising home just isn’t suitable for you anymore. Perhaps the home is bigger than you can maintain, or you simply don’t want or need as much space as you once did.

Moving to an active adult community gives you the opportunity to do things like redecorate, pick up new hobbies, and connect with old and new friends. You can also access amenities like a pool and fitness center and personalize your own floor plan.


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