5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Fall Weather

Posted by Epcon Communities on Oct 22, 2020 2:15:00 PM
Epcon Communities

Worker cleaning up the driveway from autumn leaves

As summer fades and a new season begins, your home and its landscaping may need a different kind of care in the cooler months ahead.

Whether you’re a green thumb who just can’t resist staying out of the yard even in the cold or you're interested in cultivating your landscaping skills in retirement, it’s important to know how to properly care for your lawn in the fall.

Here are five tips to keep your yard healthy during the cold months.


Clean and feed your garden.

If you kept up a garden throughout the growing season, now is the time to clean up and make sure it's good to go for next summer.

Remove any dead plants and leaves before adding lime to the soil; this enhances its pH levels throughout the winter.


Patch thin spots and maintain your lawn.

As the hot summer gives way to cooler fall temperatures, remove any dead grass in your lawn and plant new grass seeds. Make sure to spread the seed evenly throughout the bare patches and keep the area watered until the new grass is at least one inch tall!

As fall deepens, keep your lawn clear of leaves. While autumn colors may look pretty, these leaves block the light and trap in moisture, which can be detrimental to the health of your grass. Be sure to also fertilize your lawn so the grass can store nutrients throughout the winter.


Move summer plants inside.

A lot of popular houseplants do well outside in the summer, but remember to prepare them to be moved back indoors for the winter before the night temperature falls. Check for pests and let your plants acclimate to lower light by sticking them in a shaded spot for a week or two.

Once your plants are inside, cut back on water and fertilizer, as most houseplants will stop growing as quickly.


Winterize your home.

It's also important to know what to do to protect your home before the snow begins to fall. Clean out your gutters, check for cracks in your water tank, and unclog your dryer hose before it gets too cold. Weatherproof your doors and windows to help your home handle the cold by caulking or weatherstripping any gaps in the seals. Additionally, you can stop the warm air in your home from rising by reversing your fans to save money on heat

If this all sounds rather overwhelming, or if you are getting tired of maintaining your lawn throughout the year, consider moving into a single-level home in an active adult community! These neighborhoods often offer low-maintenance living, meaning you can say goodbye to shoveling snow and mowing the lawn. Visit our blog today to learn more! 

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