Joys of Living Near Your Parents

Posted by Ashlynn Bauer on May 12, 2019 1:24:00 PM
Ashlynn Bauer


Parents play an important role in our lives, no matter how old we get. Whether you currently live near your parents or not, you've likely considered the advantages of having them close. Check out these benefits of moving your parents to a neighborhood near you. 


They’ll be involved in your children’s lives.

Cross-generational relationships can be some of the most enriching and rewarding on earth. With your parents nearby, your children will be exposed to the wisdom, memories, and knowledge that helped to shape you into the person you are today. Grandparents are special no matter where they live, but those who live close by are especially dear. Your kids will grow up with extra supporters at sporting events, award ceremonies, and dance recitals. Proximity is a gift you can give to them that will benefit their lives for years to come.


You’ll have a natural support system.

Though the capacity may change, you’ll always need your parents. Of course, they can support you, regardless of where they live, but there’s something comforting about having them close. When you’ve had a tough week at work, your kids are weighing on your patience, or you just need a bit of encouragement, it’s nice to know your parents are just right around the corner. Having your parents close by will create a natural support system for you and your family.


They’ll be less isolated.

Retiring to a tropical location somewhere far away sounds adventurous and exciting, but it can be awfully lonely day to day. Far from family and friends, you may find that your parents feel quite isolated. If they’ve spent most of their lives in one area, transplanting somewhere else is essentially restarting from the beginning. Once they’re retired, the extra time they’ve always wanted will suddenly make room for—no one. Moving your parents close to you will help to prevent their seclusion and provide enriching relationships for your whole family. 

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You’ll be nearby in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more likely a health crisis is to arise. It’s far more difficult to react promptly when you’re thousands of miles away than it is when you’re just a few minutes down the road. When an emergency happens, you’ll be close to your parents and able to be with them through the challenging days ahead.


They’ll have the opportunity to develop their relationship with you.

It's never too late to grow closer to your parents. Your relationship has changed over the years, from dependent and caretaker to developing adolescent and watchful authority. Now, you're all adults who've shared several decades of your lives with one another. Regardless of your past experience, these next years of your life can be ones of healing, fresh starts, and rich companionship. With your parents in close proximity, you’ll have a chance to develop your relationship and strengthen your bond as parents and child.


With your parents settled at an Epcon community, they’ll love the numerous amenities and community advantages, and you’ll love having them close by. It’s never too late for your parents to move into their dream home! Contact us to find out all that Epcon has to offer. 


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